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Factorization of Algebraic Form

Example : 3a, p2,  4x2, 5xy2 + 3, dll.

3 from 3a we called coefficient, and a we called variable, and both of them is the factor of 3a. 3a means 3 multiply by a. 2a + 3a = 5a
2(3x + 4y)(3x + y) = (6x + 8y)(3x + y)
                               = 18x2 + 6xy + 24xy + 8y2
(a + b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2

Relation and Function

Relation from set A to set B is a related that there is member of set A with set B.
If set B we related to the set B we called its domain. And if we change, we called its codomain and we called range of result area.
Fuction : if domain has partner in codomain, just 1 partner.

The Equation of Straight Line

Example : y = mx or y= mx + c
y2 – y1        y – y1 = m ( x – x1 )        
x2 – x1        m1 x m2 = -1                

Linear Equation with Two Variable

ax + by = c with a, b, and c є R
there are 3 metod for find it :
Graphic Method
Elimination Method
Subtitution Method

Phytegorean Theorem

a2 + b2 = c2
If right triangle we divided into 2, so in frnt of 90 degree = 2a, infront of 30 degree = a, and in front of 60 degree is a squareroot 3


Circle is a form in mathemetics that has same distance with certain point that we called circle center.
2phi r square (perimeter)
Phi r square (area)

a over 360 degree times 2 phi r (arc)
a over 360 degree times phi r square (sector)

Common Tangent

Is a tangent that holeg the circle in outdoor.
I2 = a2 – (r2 - r1)
O2 = a2 – (r2 + r1)


Has 8 vertex, 12 rusuk, 4 room diagonal, 12 side diagonal, 6 sides, 6 diagonal sides.
S3 (volume)
6 (s2) (area)
a squarerrot 3 (diagonal side)

2pl + 2pt +2lt (area)
Base area x height (volume)

Base area x height (volume)
2base area + perimeter times height (area)

1/3 base area x height

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