South Asian and South-East Asian Student Scholarships in Europe

Scholarship Application Deadline: 16:00 CET on 10 February 2012

Courses: Undergraduate, Masters, Graduate, PhD and PostDocs

Scholarship Open For International Students: Yes

Scholarship Description: The EXPERTS scholarship offers a unique opportunity for full-financed mobility for individuals from the partner countries. EXPERTS is part of the large-scale, EU-funded programme- Erasmus Mundus Action 2.

EXPERTS I and its successor, EXPERTS II are scholarship projects funded by the European Commission targeted at citizens of Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

In accordance with the EMA2 call, the objective of the EXPERTS project is to facilitate collaborations between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from South and Southeast Asia (SSEA) and EU through the exchange of information in science and policy issues while sharing key issues of sustainable development in academic cooperation.

The project provides the following mobility scholarships from South and South-East Asia to European partner universities (Please note- there are no scholarships from EU to SSEA)-

Undergraduate and graduate students
PhD students
Staff (both academic and administrative)

The EXPERTS aims to establish an innovative framework for capacity development of junior faculty staff, undergraduates, postgraduates, and postdoc researchers through training and upgrading their skills in specified fields of study through a scheme of structured mobility.

How to Apply:

Detailed information about the application procedure and documents required can be here.

Evaluation of applications: eligibility check and quality assessment can be found here.

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Scholarship Flyer [PDF]


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